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The Axe Букинистическое издание Сохранность: Хорошая Издательство: Andre Deutsch, 1966 г Суперобложка, 224 стр ISBN 0-233-96455-X инфо 7029s.

This translation of Ludvik Vaculik's The Axe introduces a major Czech novelist to British readers for the first time The narrator, a journalist working on a Prague paper, is in trouble with the authorities ovбфщиыer his reporting of a suicide case In a state of personal conflict caused by his growing awareness of the gap between the realities of life and the public version of them, he returns to his native village to stay with his sister and her husband Once back in his childвдииеhood setting, he begins to recall his father's life The old man - a carpenter and woodsman - had considerable physical strength and moral fibre and was a convinced and honest Communist When the Party came to power, he accepted one difficult decision after another - surrendering his field to the collective and, as an official, dutifully complying with unpopular measures which estranged him from his family and friends and alienated him from the way of life he had instinctively loved впбслFinally, he dies, stoically, in the realisation that this was not after all, the way to build Socialism The son, in the process of recall and reexamination of the forces which made his father and have helped to shape him, achieves a compassion and understanding which enables him to come to terms with his own doubts and to find the strength to face his own problems The moving quality of this novel and the way in which it involves the reader in its characters' predicaments makes it clear why Vaculik was one of the chief and most articulate exponents of Dubcek's 'Socialism with a human face' На английском языке Автор Ludvic Vaculik.

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